MY DOK® for me

10 reasons to use MY DOK®

The active formula for hereditary hair loss or hair problems - for men and women.

  • 1.
    MY DOK® contains the active hair ingredient arginine.
  • 2.
    MY DOK®demonstrably increases arginine content in hair.
  • 3.
    MY DOK® is also suitable for highly sensitive skin.
  • 4.
    MY DOK® increases hair density in the event of hereditary hair loss.
  • 5.
    MY DOK® gives you self-confidence.
  • 6.
    MY DOK® gives me a youthful appearance, creating space for hair styling ideas.
  • 7.
    MY DOK® strengthens my hair and makes it more resistant.
  • 8.
    MY DOK® makes me feel more attractive.
  • 9.
    MY DOK® makes my hair feel strong and healthy again.
  • 10.
    MY DOK® minimises dandruff and gives hair fullness and volume.